Survival Checklist

R U Ready? I know this seems like a lot of items on our survival checklist, but if you want to be really prepared for a major disaster, then it's going to take some planning. 

If your going hiking, mountain climbing, biking, fishing or hunting off of the beaten path, then you should have a small survival kit that you can carry with you. This would include the minimum of a mirror, whistle, waterproof matches, pencil, paper, surveyors ribbon, fire starter, emergency blanket, snare wire, paracord, trick birthday candle (the type you can't blow out) tea candle, knife and a picture of your loved ones. Put this in a sealable freezer bag. You can use the bag to pack water if you need to.

Now I know a lot of you have cabins, cottages, holiday trailers, motor homes, campers and vans. Stock these up and have them ready to go. I know your not going to put anything out there that can freeze in the winter, but you can have everything else in there. If you don't have any kind of unit, then buy totes and keep items in them, and keep them handy enough that you can grab them and go in a hurry.

Air bed and pump
Army knife
Weapons/fishing gear
Waterproof lighters/matches
Nylon tape/duct tape
Sleeping bags/pillows
First aid kit
Tarps/different sizes
Tent/ground sheet
Signal mirror
Candles and candle holders
Clothing for all weather
Cooking pots/pans
Plates/bowls/(plastic or tin) Knife/spoon and fork
Flashlight ( preferably rechargeable )
Toilet paper
Snare wire of different sizes
Pliers and haywire
Emergency blanket
Bug repellant
Extra batteries
Camp chair/hammock made of fish net
Coffee filters
Soap/different kinds
Aluminum foil
Water bottles/big & small
Epsom salts
Tooth brush/tooth paste
Folding table
Garbage bags
Rubbing alcohol
Charcoal/charcoal lighter
Coffee pot
Paper towel/napkins
Plastic bags
Propane stove/fuel
Seam sealer and tent repair kit
Solar chargers
Snake bite kit
Lantern and oil
Rubber bands
Plastic containers
Nails/fence staples
Portable generator/fuel
Extension cords

Food list

Dried beans/peas/lentils
Dehydrated food/dried eggs
Freeze dried foods
Canned food and opener
Water purification tablets
Instant noodles
Energy bars/vitamins/minerals
Instant coffee/coffee
Rice/different kinds
Flour/different kinds
Spices/ a real variety
powdered milk
Tomato paste
Backing soda/powder
White and brown sugar
Butter or margarine

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