In this section, you'll find all shapes and sizes of backpacks. You'll also find duffel bags, for more storage room.

What about a bug out bag? Ever hear of one? For those of you that don't know what one is, it's basically a bag with enough essentials to last you 72 hours. So if the occasion ever arose that you had to evacuate quickly, you'd just grab your bag and leave. They're also referred to as a "go" bag.

Now remember, this is enough food, water, clothes and supplies for one person for 72 hours. If you have a family of five, then you will need 5 of these. So when your picking one out, make sure you get it big enough to hold all your supplies, or else your going to end up with stuff scattered and it's going to be harder to stay focused. If you need to have something with more room in it, use a duffel bag, as long as your belongings are all together.

When your shopping for a pack, keep a few things in mind. What's the material made of ? Is it really durable. Is it water resistant or water proof. You'll pay more for the latter. What kind of zipper comes with it, narrow or thick, metal or plastic, is there a flap over the zipper to keep rain out? How many compartments are there? Do they have detachable compartments, if they do, how easy do they come off? Are the shoulder straps wide and padded? Does it come with a chest strap? A chest strap will make it more stable and distribute the weight better. These are all things to consider if your looking for something that's going to last.

A fanny type pack is handy if you need to carry something on your person, like any type of medicine, (like puffers) your smart phone (even if the power is out and the towers are down and you can't call anyone, there still handy to have) or anything else that you can fit into it and still leave your hands free.

Below you will find all kinds of units to choose from, with a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes. Determine first what your going to use it for, if your just going on a few day trip hikes you would need one a lot smaller then if you were going on some overnight hiking trips.

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