The boats your going to see here are the inflatable type. There easy to maintain and very portable. Depending on the size that you get, you only have to use paddles to get around, so you don't have to worry about having a large supply of fuel. They can be inflated in just a matter of minutes too.

When your purchasing one, you have to figure out how many people your going to have onboard and what your going to use it for. Also if your going to use a outboard motor to get around with, you'll need to have a reinforced transom.

Most of the smaller inflatables only have a inflatable floor in them. Once you get into the bigger models, they'll have a hard floor like fiberglass or aluminum, and some may also have a inflatable keel, to make it stay on track and make it quite a bit more stable.

There are two main types of fabric coating used on inflatables, PVC and Hypalon. PVC is a vinyl plastic while Hypalon is a synthetic rubber, that can withstand a lot rougher elements (like UV rays and saltwater) than PVC can. But you will be paying a bit more for this type of water craft.

If your going to get a bigger inflatable, remember, they weigh quite a bit more than a smaller one and you may need a hand getting it around. A small one will weigh roughly 50 to 60 lbs. and a bigger one could be up to 200 lbs. making it a little more challenging to handle for one person.

You also have to figure, if your going to use it just for emergencies, then a small one will be enough to start with, as they're extremely easy to store and look after. They'll last for years too, if you store them out of the weather and try not to overload them.

Other options are kayaks, and don't forget the life jackets! It might be good to pick up a repair kit for the type of material that you end up with, you never know when a tear or rip may happen, especially around sharp rocks or stones.

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