When it comes to camping gear and accessories, there is a lot to chose from. Building a outdoor fire is easy, knowing what to cook with, is what separates the camp cooks from the rest of the crowd. Aluminum is great if your backpacking because it's so light, and it heats up really fast, but nothing compares to the good old cast iron cookware when your cooking on hot coals. Everyone wants non stick, but if your cast iron is seasoned properly,(see Tips & Tricks to learn how) it will be a non stick also. Cast iron can also withstand a lot more heat than other pots and pans. They are also easy to clean, only use hot water and a stiff brush, don't use soap!! Soap will take some of the seasoning out of them, as it cuts some the oil out of the iron.

Accessories include but not limited to stoves, pots, pans, lanterns, folding chairs, cast iron grills, tents, tarps, sleeping bags and radio's. These are all handy items if you want to be comfy out in the bush, but there a real godsend if your house was just destroyed and this is all you have to work with.

In a perfect world you would have a locker somewhere, that was bullet proof, with an air filtration system, solar panel electricity, and water from a under ground spring. This is where you could store all of your emergency food, your outdoor equipment, spare bedding and pillows, clothing for every season, and everything else you need to survive a disaster of the worst kind. Now, back to reality. We don't live in a perfect world, so figure on storing your equipment where your going to need it the most. The thing is, you just have to make sure you have the right equipment and supplies to do the job, to see you through those tough times that are ahead of you, if they ever come your way.

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