These ebooks are about survival and the outdoors. You'll find some excellent information on all kinds of subjects. If you don't have a plan and your not quite sure how to orchestrate one, there's a ebook for you. You'll learn how to help you and your family survive any major disaster, and it doesn't matter if your in the city, and stuck there, or in a rural retreat. There's something for everyone!

You'll learn how to pre-plan for you and your entire family. There isn't anything these guys don't cover. You'll learn what to do when it comes down to you or the angry mothers trying to feed hungry children. So, do you share with the whole neighborhood or just look after you and your family? What do you do when the looters come calling? If you made your way out of the city alive, could you find your way around without a road network if they were all destroyed? The ebooks below will answer all these questions and hundreds more.

The first ebook is by David Morris and is titled "Urban Survival" Surviving any disaster without leaving home.

The second ebook is titled "Ultimate Preparedness Library" This one's about the importance of per-planning for survival.

The third ebook is by William Rupp, titled "Ultimate Survival Skills Guide" It's about surviving any kind of crisis.

The fourth ebook is by George Shepherd, titled "Rule of 20" and it's the plan you need to survive in a crisis or disaster.

The fifth ebook is titled "The Complete Survivalist Course" in here you'll find over 2 dozen pro reference manuals.

The sixth ebook is titled "Highest Converting Solar Products" This ebook is about making your own solar power units, for cheap.

The seventh ebook is by Kevin Duffy, titled "Harvesting Natures Bounty" This is a good all-round ebook. Covers a lot.

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