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Here you will find food that has a huge shelf life, up to 25 years. There are also many different kinds of kits for a number of people, whether your feeding just yourself to feeding a large family, for up to a year. You will also find 72 hour kits (bug out bags), and many individual portions. There's a real variety here.

Finding the right food and storing it properly is so important. You can buy freeze dried portions that has a shelf life of 25 years, as long as you don't open it. Once it's open, it's shelf life drop's dramatically. There are a number of reasons for this. As soon as you open the container, it gets exposed to air. Air has both oxygen and moisture, two factors that are going to effect your groceries. The higher the humidity the more the moisture. Heat and light will also be contributing factors. I'll talk a bit more on heat and light later. So if you want to eat just a portion and save the rest for later, you can. Put the unused portion in a sealable freezer bag, and get as much of the air out as possible. Next put it back into the sealable container (if it didn't come with one, get a container that light can't penetrate), then keep this in a cool place, the cooler the better. You may get another year out of this product. When reopening after a long period of time, always do a smell test first, if it smells okay, then taste it.

Storing supplies must be done right and kept out of heat, light, oxygen and moisture. Even soft and hard grains, such as beans, pasta, rice, wheat, oats, dehydrated vegetables and dehydrated dairy must be stored in proper containers, and kept at cool temperatures, in order to get it's 8 year shelf life. Flour and other cracked grains, if their stored properly, will last about 5 years. Yeast doesn't store as long, 2 years in the cupboard, but if you keep it refrigerated, it will last for 5 years.

You'd never keep any of these products in the attic of your house or in a outdoor shed, where they can be exposed to any of the above elements. Heat, light and oxygen can reduce the shelf life in half. Moisture is even worse, and in no time, you'll have mold and it will all spoil. So if your going to go through the work and expense of storing these products, please get the proper storage containers to keep it in, and store them in a cool dark area.


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