Optics covers binoculars, scopes, range finders, spotting scopes and trail cams. There are very many ranges and sizes of binoculars to choose from.

Is there a focal point where you can get high enough and scout out the surrounding area? You'll need a good pair of field glasses or maybe a spotting scope to get a really broad view of everything that's around you.

Some of the things that you'll look for when getting some glasses or a scope are, a rubber armor (like a shock absorbing cover on the body), they should also be water resistant and fog proof. Center focus by a wheel or lever in the center of the glasses, making it quick and easy to adjust. Coatings on the lenses and prisms help reduce glare and light, giving you a clearer, brighter look at what your focused on. The fully multi coated lens, are about the best you can get on the market today.

Depth of field means the distance seen near to far, and binoculars with a lower magnification offer greater depth of fields and a wider field of view than higher magnification glasses. Field of view is the width of an area you can see at 1000 yds. This is measured in degrees, 1 degree equals 52.5 ft. of width at 1000 yds., so if your binoculars indicate 10 degrees, it would be 52.5 X 10 = 525 foot, field of view at 1000 yds..

Objective lens size is the number associated with the power, so if the binoculars are 7 X 35, the 7 is the power and the 35, is the lens diameter measured in millimeters. The bigger the lens number is, the more light it lets in and the brighter the image will be. You'll really notice this at dawn and dusk when the light around you is dimmer.

The power number is the amount of magnification, if the number is 7, you'll be magnifying the object your looking at 7 times closer than you would be by the naked eye.

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