When it comes to shelters, a good tent and a better sleeping bag can be a real life saver. With a tent and the aid of a tarp or two, you can make yourself a pretty good home away from home.

There are so many different sizes of tents to choose from. You can get little pup tents for a single person, right up to a three room tent that will sleep 10 people.

When your choosing a tent, you must consider the number of people and/pets that are going to be sharing your tent with you. What kind of conditions your going to using the tent in, and if your packing the tent on your back, how much weight you'll have to carry.

Size is a big issue, if you can't stand up in your tent and have to get dressed laying down, it will be okay for a short term stint. If your going to be in your tent for a long period of time, you'll want something that you move around in, especially when the weather is bad.

You can get summer tents, very thin material, some will repel water, others you'll need a fly. Next is the three season tent, good for spring, summer and fall. They offer good ventilation and provide weather protection from the rain and moderate winds. The four season tent is quite a bit heavier, built out of heavier material, with more poles and curved shapes to withstand heavy winds and keep snow from building up. These tents are also more waterproof, but less vented, meaning you will end up with more interior condensation.

You can make a shelter out of just tarps too. With the use of a ridge pole, you can have an A frame, a lean to, or just a flat roof to keep the sun or rain of off you.

Just like tents, sleeping bags come in summer, three season and four seasons. You can get a mummy bag, barrel bag or a rectangular bag. Each has it's own features, but generally the mummy bag is the lightest while the rectangular is the heaviest. How their constructed and the filling will determine how warm they'll be. Down filling with baffle construction is definitely the warmest. (most expensive too)

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