This is where you will find the tools you need to build shelters, get fire wood and make life a little bit easier for you. Here is where you'll find axes, machetes, snares, wire, power-saws, power inverters, wind generators and solar powered LED lights, just to name a few.

When your trying to stay alive, you need this kind of gear to help you out. Some tools are a necessity, while others are a luxury. Through our affiliates, we hope that you will be able to find the supplies that will help your situation be a little more comfortable.

When your preparing your survival plan, your going to have to include some some of these products. When you have no power and all you have is electrical appliances, your either going to need a generator, an inverter or different appliances. Generators are good to have for short term situations, but unless you have a solar powered one, your going to need fuel. In long term planning, fuel might not always be there to keep your generator running.

There are options, the best is solar power. As long as that sun keeps coming up, you'll be generating power. Along with solar power, you need to be able to store the power. So your going to need a good supply of batteries. If you can't afford the big 4 volt deep cell batteries, get some marine batteries, they'll handle the draining and recharging a lot better than conventional batteries. Also as a tip, always keep some Epsom Salts handy, if your battery doesn't want to hold a charge anymore, add a teaspoon of epsom salts to each cell, and this will help rejuvenate your battery.

On these sites you will find a wide range of products. If for some reason you can't find the right product that your looking for, contact us, and we'll do whatever we can to find you that exact product.

Below you'll find affiliate sites that you can check out right now. Keep checking back, we're adding more affiliates as time goes by, to make sure you have the best verity of products to choose from.

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